You’ve Made Partner in a Law Firm – Now What?

Along with your new responsibilities, ‘making partner’ means your financial structure will need to change. You will need expert guidance from accountants who know and understand you.

As you would know, luck has little to do with creating a prosperous future. Lawyers who rely on a proactive and strategic accounting firm, will set themselves and their families up for life.

Wilson Pateras are more than accountants: we’re expert financial advisors and strategists focused on your financial future.  Winners of the 2017 Boutique Firm of the Year, we are law industry experts proactively helping Lawyers financially transition to Partners.

We get to know you, your career goals and your financial aspirations; then we apply solid strategies that match your objectives and consider your career in law. From tax compliance essentials to tax planning, financial portfolio structure, cash flow, mentoring and investment, we’re here to change your life.

We can help you establish a financial portfolio that delivers peace of mind throughout your career.

How an accountant can help when you become a partner in a law firm

Financial Structure

Whether you are Fixed Draw or Equity Partner we will work with you to establish the most effective structures to effectively distribute income.

Protect Your Assets

Establish and organise the appropriate personal insurance to take into consideration your personal and family financial obligations including income protection, term life insurance, TPD and Trauma.

Ensure Compliance

Review and discuss with you the appropriate trust distributions to make annually and ensure trust distribution minutes are compliant with ATO guidelines.

Manage Cash Flow

Monitor your PAYG instalments quarterly and advise of your cashflow obligations on a regular basis.

Correspond with the ATO

Manage all ATO correspondence in relation to your affairs to reduce the burden placed on your time.

Review Superannuation

Review your superannuation and recommend appropriate superannuation vehicles to plan for your future.

Investment Strategies

We provide a structured approach to help manage financial resources to ultimately achieve the objective of meeting your desired lifestyle and financial freedom. Getting that right structure is as important as determining the right investment products.

Get a Complimentary Consultation

Wilson Pateras are award-winning accountants specialised in lawyers. We help lawyers to achieve their financial goals. Schedule your obligation free financial consultation here or call us on 03 8419 9800.

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