Webinar Video: 2020-21 Federal Budget

Directors, Nick Pateras and Chris Wilson, hosted a webinar on the ‘2020-21 Federal Budget‘. This webinar covered:

  • How much of a Personal Tax Cut will you be getting?
  • As a business what does the ‘Instant Asset Write-Off’ mean and what is its value?
  • The Loss Carry Back. If you have business losses how can I use these now?
  • What are the expanded Small Business Tax Breaks?
  • Jobmaker subsidy: Employ new staff with part government funding
  • Research and Development Tax Incentives

If you missed it, please feel free to watch our recording of the event, as it may answer questions you have in relation to the 2020-21 Budget.

Make sure to register for our ‘Investing in a Post COVID-19 World’ Webinar next Thursday 15th October with Nick Pateras and Don Hands. 

If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact us on 03 8419 9800.

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