Webinar Video: Lending Opportunities in the Current High Interest Rate Environment

2023 Top Lending Refinance Practical Tips in Today’s High Interest Market

With the recent 10th consecutive cash rate increase and further increases expected to come, it is important to gain a clear understanding of the new bank policy changes and finance opportunities available.

Using these opportunities, you could save thousands of dollars each year on your loan coupled with refinance cash incentives that are also available.

Wilson Pateras’ Principal, Ty Beveridge and Lending and Finance expert, Brett Elliot, present:

  • What you should do if your Fixed Interest Loan term is maturing soon and you are facing a significant interest rate increase
  • Update on bank policy changes
  • The concerns with the interest rates increasing and not being able to refinance
  • Some of the top lending refinance practical tips in today’s high interest market

For further enquiries, please contact Wilson Pateras on 03 84199800 or www.wilsonpateras.com.au.

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