Financial Advisors Melbourne

Luck has little to do with creating a prosperous future.

Your financial advisors will help you build and manage your wealth: Investment portfolios, wealth protection, superannuation, estate and retirement planning. 

Wealth means different things to us all. But whilst our visions of wealth, security and contentment may differ, one thing remains true: creating wealth demands a considered, strategic approach. Wilson Pateras’ financial advisors work with a wide variety clients in Melbourne – from young investors to seasoned entrepreneurs, mid-careerists to retirees – each seeking to build wealth for today and tomorrow.

Designing robust roadmaps to wealth in close collaboration with our clients, Wilson Pateras’s expert planners take time to dive deep and understand the resources required for life on your own terms. We provide the insight, structure and hard-won advice to take you from dreaming of an affluent future to enjoying a lifestyle of wealth. 

Prosperity is possible. It just requires a plan: let Wilson Pateras take you there with our array of wealth strategy services.
Our expert offerings include:
  • Wealth Management
    • Identify Financial Goals
    • Debt Advice and Debt Consolidation
    • Income, TPD, Trauma and Life Insurance
    • Risk Management
    • Budget and Cash Flow analysis
    • Estate Planning: Wills and Powers of Attorney
    • Superannuation Advice
    • Self-managed super funds (SMSF)
  • Investment Advice
    • Real estate
    • Cash and term deposits
    • Australian and international equities
    • Commodities
    • Derivatives
    • Fixed interest and hybrid securities
    • Infrastructure
    • Private equity
    • Special funds and hedge funds
  • Retirement Planning
    • Maximise your superannuation
    • Identify how much you need for retirement
    • Testamentary Trusts
    • Net worth forecasting
    • Transitioning to retirement
    • Centrelink and other government benefits
    • Capital preservation
    • Age pension application
Building wealth isn’t a mystery, it’s a strategy. Work with Wilson Pateras to consolidate your financial position – whether you’re living the dream as a digital nomad or retiring into a lifestyle you’ve long imagined for yourself.

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