Government Grants (R&D)

Reward your Innovative Business with a R&D Government Tax Incentive

If your company is continually innovating and invests in its future, it’s highly likely that a proportion of your expenditure may be eligible for a tax offset.

The research and development (R&D) Tax Incentive is a broad-based market driven program accessible to all industry sectors. It provides a targeted tax offset to encourage more companies to engage in R&D. The R&D Tax Incentive provides eligible entities with a tax offset for expenditure on eligible activities and for the decline in value of depreciating assets used for eligible R&D activities.

With almost two decades of experience, we draw on our significant knowledge, networks and technical expertise in maximising any potential R&D tax claim for our clients to ensure success.

Our R&D Tax team provides R&D tax incentive solutions to a range of industry sectors including telecommunications, engineering, software, construction and consumer products.


At a minimum, applicants must:

  • be an incorporated company in Australia; or
  • be a foreign corporation that carries on R&D activities through a permanent establishment in Australia
  • be conducting eligible core R&D activities
  • have incurred eligible R&D expenditure of at least $20,000

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