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A dedicated focus to all your business financials

As part of our suite of professional business services, we offer a Virtual CFO service.  This means you can freely access, on a daily basis if required, a highly trained, expert Chief Financial Officer who can assist you with a wide range of business financial services including bookkeeping, business planning and reporting.  Our Virtual CFO service is available on a fixed fee on a deliverable basis or on a monthly fee.

The reason why we call them ‘Virtual’ CFOs is because your business can enjoy the benefits of having an expert on board, without having all the costly employment, payroll responsibility and industry educational expenses you have with employing a financial expert as one of your staff.

Outsourcing a Virtual CFO will save you money because you only pay for the hours you need.  Our CFOs have wide experience across a large cross-section of industries, which can only result in extra benefits for you.

In our experience, accessing a Virtual CFO who also has immediate access to other financial experts within our organisation, can have a very positive effect on your exponential business growth, unlocking the potential within your business and bringing a dedicated focus to all your business financials.

Strategy is at the core of Wilson Pateras’ philosophy. In collaboration with our clients, we plan methodically for their today and tomorrow. A Virtual CFO will provide you with a committed financial insight into your business to help you stay on a track and provide confidence so that your business can grow.


Outsourced Financial Services

Financial Reporting
Business Planning
Risk Management
Cash Flow Management
Xero Setup and Support

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