Your financial success is Wilson Pateras’ reason for being.

Progressive and future-focused, Wilson Pateras’ Principals Chris Wilson and Nicholas Pateras lead a team of expert accountants, business strategists, coaches, brokers and consultants, offering a holistic approach to your personal or business finance journey. ‘In today’s environment of fast-paced changes to governing legislation, individuals and entrepreneurs need more than just accountants to enjoy success and financial security,’ notes Chris. ‘To unlock potential in our clients’ lives, Wilson Pateras make available a variety of expert services to take care of their immediate financial concerns, whilst planning for wealthy, happy futures.’

Strategy is at the core of Wilson Pateras’ philosophy. ‘In collaboration with our clients’, we plan methodically for their today and tomorrow. The outcomes Wilson Pateras achieve for our clients really matter,’ says Nicholas. ‘It’s really a powerful mix of problem solving, technical expertise in accounting and business strategy, and the empathy to deeply listen that sets our consultancy apart.’

More than accountants, Wilson Pateras are expert advisors and strategists focused on securing your financial future. From tax compliance essentials to business planning, start-up mentoring, property investment and Xero training, we’re here to change your life.
Your future is our present
With clients ranging from professional individuals to families in transition, captains of industry to start-up entrepreneurs, Wilson Pateras are life-changing accountants for those who demand a life of freedom, lived on their own terms.

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