Your financial success is Wilson Pateras’ reason for being.

Strategic and intuitive, Wilson Pateras’ Chris Wilson and Nicholas Pateras lead a team of expert accountants, business strategists, coaches and consultants, offering a holistic approach to your successful business and personal finance journey. With a vision that goes well beyond the foundations of accounting and compliance, Chris and Nick understand that engaging in authentic work is the hallmark of a life well-lived.

“I see a lot of real life in real business. I reflect on the experience of being in a family business myself – the interactions with people, delivery of product and witnessing customer service in action. Much of my core understanding of great business and great leadership came from that first-hand experience in small business.”
Chris Wilson  

Today’s global economy interacts with the local tax environment at a smart pace – change is now the only constant. Whether a business owner or a professional, it’s critical to be across relevant tax legislation and aware of industry-specific opportunities to enjoy true success and financial security. Subsequently, we need to go beyond compliance as individuals and embrace a more strategic and consultative approach to our wealth.

Wilson Pateras specialize in financial advice for lawyers and barristers, medical professionals, SMSFs, start-ups and more. To unlock potential in our clients’ lives, Wilson Pateras make available a variety of expert services to take care of their immediate financial concerns whilst planning for wealthy, happy futures.

The outcomes Wilson Pateras achieve for our clients really matter.

“We have seven core values when it comes to our business philosophy and one of those is courage. Acting in spite of fear. What does personal fear come from? Not knowing the outcome. A place of uncertainty. How do you reduce the risk of an unknown outcome? You bring in the experts.”
Nicholas Pateras

From start-up ideation and business registration through to advanced tax planning and profit-maximising exit strategies, Wilson Pateras make it our business to improve yours.

More than accountants, Wilson Pateras are expert advisors and strategists focused on securing your financial future. From tax compliance essentials to business planning, start-up mentoring, property investment and Xero training, we’re here to change your life.
Your future is our present
With clients ranging from professional individuals to families in transition, captains of industry to start-up entrepreneurs, Wilson Pateras are life-changing accountants for those who demand a life of freedom, lived on their own terms.