Electronic Service Address (ESA)

ESA NOTIFICATION will help automate processing
of your SMSF financial accounts and ensure accuracy

What is an Electronic Service Address?

  • An Electronic Service Address (ESA) is an alias used by your SMSF Fund that acts as a ‘digital post office’ to receive messages sent by your employer.
  • Contribution remittance advice is automatically sent to this address when employers pay your superannuation contribution into your SMSF bank account.
  • The ESA service uses your SMSF ABN as the ‘digital post office box number’ for holding the messages for your SMSF.
  • By providing your employer with your ESA, your contribution data is transmitted in a specific format so it can be used consistently across the super system which will help us automate the processing of your SMSF as all information channelled to us about your account is accurate and in real time.

Your Next step?

You need to advise your employer of your fund’s ESA address at your earliest convenience.

  • The ESA of all Class SMSF Funds is SMSFDATAFLOW
  • To assist you, please copy and paste the paragraph below and email to your employer at your earliest convenience.

Dear (Insert Name of Person who manages your salary/superannuation contribution),

I wish to notify you of the Electronic Service Address (ESA) for my Self-Managed Superannuation Fund.  The ESA is ‘SMSFDATAFLOW’

Could you please ensure that this address is updated accordingly on your payroll and superannuation payments system so that information can be channelled to my SMSF manager accurately.

Kind regards,

Insert your name

Please contact Nilay Shah if you have any queries

(03) 8419 9800 or email us at advice@wilsonpateras.com.au

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