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As part of our Financial Planning Service, Wilson Pateras can advise on a range of personal insurances including Life Insurance, TPD, Income Protection and Trauma Insurance. 

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Where we come in

Wilson Pateras’ personal insurance advisors will perform a needs analysis, which includes a review of your assets and liabilities, existing insurance and an analysis of any potential risks.

We can help you compare policy and provider, and help you make smarter decisions to safeguard your assets for the future. As there is a lot involved in this field, many details of which are highly complicated, we simplify the process so that you can understand what you are entitled to and where your benefits currently sit.

When you have this type of protection, which you may already have via your superannuation fund, your provider may pay a lump sum to those you designate to receive a benefit. If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness, your insurer may be able to disburse this money sooner; however, this is dependent on your policy. It is important to know what your provider allows you to do in these situations and the legalities around your level of coverage. To help mitigate this process, we make sure all of the details are in line with your needs and desires, ensuring your policy is always on your side.

Personal Insurance coverage provides protection in stressful, turbulent situations. For example, if you or your spouse loses your job, is diagnosed with a life-altering disease or accident, or passes away, a personal insurance policy will provide a degree of financial security and peace of mind.

This type of policy can also be beneficial since it acts as a financial cushion for your family, which can be especially significant if you have children or other dependents. Wilson Pateras can provide you with reliable advice and recommendations towards the most appropriate policy for your needs.

Understanding personal insurance

This level of coverage may be divided into four categories, including:

  1. Life-long coverage
  2. Total and permanent disability support
  3. Income protection
  4. Coverage in the event of a disaster.

Why seek out our Melbourne personal insurance advisors

We understand you want to protect yourself and your loved ones in all circumstances. With Wilson Pateras, we help you rest easy knowing that if anything unforeseen happens to you, your household will be financially safeguarded.

Find out how our financial planners can support your needs both now and in the future. Contact Wilson Pateras for a friendly, no-obligation consultation. When you need to count on us most, we will be there – that is our commitment to you.

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Personal Insurance Types

When it comes to preparing for the future, it is important to understand that there are four types of insurance that – while quite unique – are equally as important as each other. 

Life Insurance

To protect the financial future of your loved ones by providing a lump sum payment to your partner or dependents should you pass away unexpectedly.

TPD (Total and Permanent Disability) Insurance

To take the pressure off you financially in the event that you become totally and permanently disabled and cannot perform your everyday tasks without assistance. This is delivered in the form of a lump sum payment (pre-tax or post-tax depending on the structure) based on medical grounds.

Income Protection

To provide you with an ongoing income should you require time off work due to illness or injury. This helps to replace up to 75% of your gross income to cover daily living expenses such as school fees, groceries and mortgages.

Trauma Insurance

To assist with financial and medical expenses as you recover from a critical illness or injury such as cancer, stroke or loss of a limb. Also delivered in the form of a lump sum and tax free (depending on the policy structure).

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