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Running a restaurant, café, bar or hotel is demanding. Working in the hospitality industry often means long hours, low margins, high competition, regulatory compliance and a large volume of sales transactions. Wilson Pateras’ specialist hospitality accountants will help you to manage your cash flow, minimise tax and streamline your finances – leaving you to focus on serving your customers.

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Accountants and Bookkeepers Specialising in the Hospitality Industry

Wilson Pateras are a Melbourne-based, full-service accounting firm offering specialised accounting and bookkeeping for hotels, cafes and restaurants. Our award-winning approach isn’t merely about compliance and getting your books right. We help you to have a more successful business and to make better financial decisions by providing you with proactive financial advice and tax minimisation ideas.

Simplify Your Payroll

Running a restaurant is a 24-7 job, with much of your work done outside conventional working hours and well into the evening, on weekends and during holiday periods. This intensity is compounded by the hospitality industry’s high staff turnover. This irregularity in hours and staffing impacts on your payroll – making the bookkeeper’s role of paramount import. Wilson Pateras will provide your hospitality business with easy-to-use accounting software that will simplify the way you manage your payroll.

Accounting Services for Hospitality Business Owners

In addition to the day-to-day hospitality accounting and bookkeeping, our team understands the industry challenges and the complex tax compliance and employment regulations you are facing. Our services for our restaurant and hotel owners include:

Why Choose Wilson Pateras' Hospitality Accountants

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Fixed Price
Accounting And Bookkeeping

No hidden fees. We will tailor a package for your real estate business on a fixed monthly fee.


We will proactively provide you with financial advice and communicate with you regularly.


Your data is safe with us. Our first class IT protection ensures it will be kept secure and confidential

The Importance of Cash Flow Management for Hotels, Cafes and Restaurants

Understanding your business’ cash flow is crucial to running a successful restaurant or hotel. It can be a complex equation, taking into account several variables including revenue, bills, salaries, loans and inventory. Ignoring cashflow management puts your hospitality business at financial risk. That’s why it is so critical to engage an accountant who understands the hospitality category intimately – both its risks and its rewards – helping you to improve your business’ profitability and cashflow.

Get the Right Accounting Software for Your Hospitality Business

Wilson Pateras are a XERO Platinum Partner. We’ll help your hospitality business to get started with easy-to-use, cloud-based Xero. Whether you’re running a hotel, café, hostel or restaurant, Xero is a powerful tool that will improve your business. Features include:

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