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Making the move away from the working world is one of life’s most difficult tasks. Our retirement planning and financial advisors in Melbourne can assist you in turning this challenge into an opportunity. As a result, we design your plan to meet your requirements as they change throughout the course of your life. The plan will include a profitable retirement, regardless of when you join us, giving you peace of mind for a bright and happy future.

How retirement financial planners can help you

In the beginning, our accounting team provide an initial session to run through all of the steps involved in this process. The purpose of this session is for you to meet with our retirement financial planners in Melbourne to discuss and evaluate your present situation and desired outcomes. By the end of this stage, you will go away with the essential information needed to help you make the next best steps.

Retirement Planning

Get the advice you need for a comfortable lifestyle

At Wilson Pateras, we manage your affairs so that the event of retirement is transformed into an opportunity, rather than a stressor. We support you in embracing your ambitions, seeking adventure, and spending more time with friends and family, all through the knowledge that your cash flow and collected wealth is in good condition.

We communicate with government bodies

You may be obligated to certain benefits and support, such as those that fall under Centrelink. In these cases, we do all of the work for you, navigating all of the details involved in preparing paperwork or collecting benefits.

So, how do we do all this?

At Wilson Pateras, we approach the financial space with a multi-faceted approach. That means we sit and listen to your goals and tailor a plan that’s specifically designed for you and your needs. You can always rely on us to prioritise your requirements before our own, providing you with specialist staff who are always on hand to answer your biggest questions.

Moreover, we employ advanced modelling to take into account any recommended alternatives – such as when to retire, what to do about your property, and how much money you can live on during this stage in your life. As a consequence, you will have peace of mind knowing that any decisions you make will be based on accurate facts.

Best of all, our services are designed to alleviate any possible bill shock, providing you with a fixed monthly fee structure. Engage our experts and get the ongoing advice you need to kick your journey off, or the one-off support required to put your vision into perspective.

Contact our retirement planning advisors now to see how we can help you set your future up for success. We’re ready to answer any questions and set you on the right path. 

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