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When it comes to being an agent, your everyday responsibilities revolve around engaging those prospects and landing a valuable sale. When you’re busy interacting with clients and managing the many tasks of your role, the financial aspects of your business understandably fall by the wayside.

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The last thing on any agent’s mind is the accounting that happens behind the scenes. What this means is that all those niggling little details often get swept under the rug and – over time – turn into massive chores to complete.

However, with proper bookkeeping for property managers, all of these challenges can be avoided. All it takes is a reliable real estate accounting team you can trust.

No matter what kind of agency you run, it’s crucial that you have an accounting system in place that can keep track of your financial planning. While real estate bookkeepers often have fairly simple tasks to complete, but a lot of this comes down to ensuring every line item is recorded efficiently.

However, when it comes to choosing the ideal property tax accountant in Melbourne for your agency, there is a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Every business and situation is different and requires a customised approach to embrace its needs. Real estate agencies are no exception, so at Wilson Pateras, we ensure you’re never met with typical, standard products that don’t reflect the nature of your unique operations. 

We care about the details

Our bookkeepers for property managers pride themselves on being detail-oriented. We always ask the right questions and show an interest in your business, no matter how big or small your team is.

Additionally, as we have worked hard to create a trustworthy range of services, we ensure our clients always benefit financially from our guidance, educating them towards better real estate bookkeeping practices and maintaining compliance where it matters most.

Ensuring your books are kept accurate and up to date at all times, we’ll support your business from start to finish. Make more informed decisions and access clarity on your revenue streams when you’re looking to make changes in your operations. Across every base, we allow your agency to be financially secure and in line with all relevant obligations. 

What we do

Accounts payable: 

From setting up your books for optimal growth and profitability to maximising cash flow and liquidity, our business bookkeepers for property management companies help you to become unstoppable. We’ll prepare essential financial reports and support you in forecasting better for the future. 


Accounts receivable: 

You need to be clear about how much you should receive from your debtors before you can expect your business to sustain, or even to talk about, growing. As property managers, it’s also crucial that you receive funds where they’re owed. At Wilson Pateras, we support this process by reminding clients of the overdue payments or by making the payment ourselves on their behalf. We’ll also ensure all of these transactions are recorded productively, reconciling all accounts when needed. 

For more information on our real estate accounting services, get in touch with our Melbourne team now.

Client Stories

Here’s what one of our real estate agent clients say about Wilson Pateras.

"In terms of running the number side of things, the whys and the wheres and the hows — definitely the accountant side, that’s where Wilson Pateras are invaluable. You have a lot of money coming in but if you are not balancing it, then all of a sudden your tax debt can catch up with you really quickly and you can have a mini heart attack when you turn around and realise that."

Dallas Taylor, Director & Actioneer at Jellis Craig Doncaster

How Wilson Pateras Can Assist Your Real Estate Business

Working with a full service accounting firm has its benefits. Our accountants, bookkeepers and financial advisors can help you with all of your business and personal financials. You will get a tailored package that can include all general accounting and bookkeeping services as well as industry-specific requirements. Services include:

Why Choose Wilson Pateras' Real Estate Accountants

All your finances under one roof

Our ‘all-in’, knowledge-sharing approach means that Wilson Pateras’ accountants, bookkeepers and financial advisors work together to deliver the results you seek to achieve.

Fixed fees - No surprises or hidden costs

Never suffer accounting bill shock with Wilson Pateras’ fixed monthly fee structure. Budget with ease and manage your cash flow, whether you engage our talented team for ongoing advice and support or one-off tasks quoted upfront.

Local team in Melbourne

Accountable and accessible, Wilson Pateras advisors and strategists are located in our convenient Melbourne office in Richmond.

Support when you need it

Contact your Wilson Pateras accountant or advisor whenever you require support – all at no extra cost.

Tailored solution to your needs

Wilson Pateras tailor solutions to your unique circumstances, goals and budget – ensuring you pay only for the services you need.

Get Financial Advice Throughout Your Career In Real Estate

We appreciate that your circumstances may change and we are here to help you when you are dealing with:

Meet Our Real Estate Team

Nick Pateras


Cloud-Based Accounting For Real Estate Agents

As a XERO Platinum Partner, we will simplify the way you handle your financials. Xero reduces office admin and improves efficiencies. Benefits include:

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The world of business brings with it many unique opportunities and challenges. The success and rewards enjoyed are achieved through the continual striving to improve upon the hard work of yesterday, to build a better and brighter future for tomorrow.

My journey commenced 18 years ago at an international accounting firm, KPMG, where I established the foundations of my business career. My passion for helping businesses has seen me consult to over 1,000 businesses, with having established over 100 new businesses and helped over 300 business owners either sell or retire.

I have developed a unique insight into what makes certain businesses great.  Over and over, great businesses consistently show the principles of success that determine their greatness that is, Purposes, Focus, and Resilience. I have a passion to show business owners how they can achieve their own stated greatness drawing on extensive experience working with leading small business.

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  • Member of Institute of Chartered Accountants (CA)
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