COVID-19 Government Stimulus Package Assistance

There are so many different areas of stimulus from all levels of government and the applicable laws are new and complicated. By following the correct processes there are substantial cash benefits to be passed on to businesses, and in some circumstances in the thousands of $$$.

Maximise Your COVID-19 Cash Flow Government Benefits

Our commitment is to maximise your entitled cash benefits and set you on the path to helping your business during these difficult times.

The $500 Million Business Support Fund that was recently released mentions that you can use the grant funding for advice to support business continuity planning. This may mean that you can get our Cash Boost Assistance  at virtually no cost to you!

With the Service, You Will Get:

Federal Government Incentives

Assistance with

State Government Incentives

Assistance with:

Self-Managed Super Support

Assistance with:

Wilson Pateras Advice & Support

Assistance with:

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Not only will our service be beneficial to your businesses survival, this service can give you access of tens of thousands of dollars in government benefits with Wilson Pateras’ assistance. Please fill out the form below to register your interest.